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We drive leads from social media, communities and content
Drive leads effectively
We are experts in lead-generation using Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Medium, Producthunt, communitites and forums.
We use our lead generation methodology built through practice and testing that brings results. We infiltrate the community on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn by working with the target audience and bringing quality leads.

Every business case is unique and traffic sources depend on the business model, budget, and goals.
Real-time customer support on your website & social media
According to a study by Lead Connect, 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first. We changed the standard approach to customer support and did it in our style: more leads, high conversions, and happy customers. When your potential client contacts our manager in real-time, our manager is always ready to respond in 15 minutes or less.
Product launches
We are launching new products on the US market, using our experience in market research, website building, Producthunt with launch campaign, and lead-generation.
TaskTeleport cases
Co-living company in Los Angeles
Lead generation from Facebook, Reddit, Craigslist. Establishing connections with universities and employers we generated more than $100 000 in revenue
Launching sales for Industrial hardware(SaaS)
We developed launching strategy, positioning, etc.
We used LinkedIn and Google to generate first clients for test installations. After a successful experience, it wasn't a problem to scale a product.
Launching remote team-building tool
Market research, positioning,
Generated B2B connections with companies using LinkedIn, cold-emailing and Facebook.
We started a successful B2C campaign using content-marketing, event communities.
Who we are
TaskTeleport is a Los Angeles & Kyiv based company.
Founded by experts in lead-generation who have gone their way, learning principles and improving a methodology.
We use social media and communities to show your product to the wide-range of target customers to identify warm leads.
We hire experienced professionals from Ukraine, which allows us to provide the best people at affordable prices.
Our team has developed an on-boarding process that allows us to hire TOP 5% of professionals who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis and are open to new projects and opportunities.
How it works
Contact us
Set up a goal
We will develop a plan and assign team to your task
Track progress
We will test initial strategy and hypotheses. And do more stuff that work and less stuff that doesn't
Our clients
Oleksiy Malytskyy
TaskTeleport team has brought us a large number of clients from social networks and has entered into several important contracts with businesses and universities.
Tomas Ruta
I used TaskTeleport for a complex business research task. They exceeded my expectations in every way and finished the job within very impressive 7 days.
Lev Filimonov
Thanks to TaskTeleport for a quality approach to generating B2B leads for my business
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